Gym Kit Essentials

9 Gym Kit Essentials You Should Never Forget

Gym Kit EssentialsYou’re just entering the gym and you have a million things on your mind. The gym is your therapy from a stressful day at work and you are glad that you are finally here.

You open your gym bag and think about today’s workout.

This is the moment you realise that you’ve forgotten some of your gym kit essentials at home.

What will you do now?

You’ll be terribly uncomfortable and that missing element in your daily workout routine will stay in your mind bothering you and you’ll be cursing yourself the whole time you’ll be in the gym.

So what can you do to prevent this?

You go through this check list that we have made just for you, check your bag contents before going to the gym and feel happy that you are not forgetting anything.

Gym ClothesGym Clothes

Get the nicest, most comfortable gym clothes you can find and pack them up.

They should be able to make you feel stylish as well as comfortable because you might have to join a friend after the gym for a quick coffee run.

So you need to look comfortable and sweat free.


Gym JournalJournal

For a healthy workout, you need to keep track of your progress. If you don’t, progress and intensity of workouts in a week will skip your mind and that will make you really annoyed.

The reason is that you need to know how you started and how much intensity you’re adding to it every day. You will be able to calculate your weight loss or gain as well.

So a journal is a must have.


Gym Water BottleWater Bottle

You NEED your own water bottle. You need to hydrate yourself and if you purchase a good water bottle, you’ll be able to refill it later with a protein shake, juice or water every day before workouts.

The biggest advantage is that it is hygienic to have your own water bottle rather than borrowing it from someone else.

Gym DeodorantDeodorant

You wouldn’t want to stink, now would you?

Of course not.

You need to carry a fresh deodorant in your gym bag so you can always smell fresh and feel fresh. And like we mentioned above, if your gym is close to your favourite hangout place, you are very likely to run into a friend.

So putting a deodorant on is a definite yes.

Gym Wet WipesWet Wipes

They are not just for babies. You can use wet wipes for so many things.

You can wipe the sweat off your face without feeling dirty, you can clean your gym equipment if someone used it before you and, if you are going to work or meeting someone after that workout, you can use wet wipes to clean your shoes too.

Multi-purpose and amazing.

Gym BagGym Bag

This is the thing that will literally hold your gym routine together.

It will have all the essentials you need, mentioned above and made sure that the bag you get is a sturdy and weather resistant gym bag that will not let its contents get wet or infected by any weather or get bacteria on them.

Gym Weightlifting GlovesWeight Lifting Gloves

You cannot lift without these. Your hands will get sweaty and there is a high chance that the weights will slip or your grip is lost.

To rid that, get the most durable and stylish weight lifting gloves on the market that are not only light on your wallet but have a killer grip and are comfortable at the same time.

This is a must have. Your weight lifting gloves will act as your gym gloves too. So really these are two-in-a-pair sort of essentials.

Gym StrapsGym Straps

As we spoke about weight lifting earlier, if you are doing intense weight lifting, gym straps are very important.

They will create ease for you to lift while keeping them tolerable at the same time.



Gym Flip FlopsFlip-Flops

Gyms can be unhygienic, no matter how clean they are.

Bacteria from everyone’s sweat and shoes usually makes the floor of the gym and the shower crawl with millions of bacteria that you need to avoid.

So flip-flops will not only add a casual touch to your gym attire but will also protect your feet from common feet infections in athletes.


All Set?

Good, now you can easily pack your bag, make a quick and healthy shake and head to the gym.

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