200 Reps on the Bench Press

This video shows a Mike Rashid chest workout, where he smashes 200 reps on the bench press.

Rashid starts with a total weight of 110kg / 245lbs, made up of 10 plates on each side of the bar.

After doing 10 reps, one plate is taken off each side of the bar, before he goes on to do another 10 reps. He repeats this until he has completed 10 sets of 10 reps – a total of 100 reps – and is down to just 1 plate on each side.

At that stage, he adds a plate to each side and completes 10 reps, then adds another plate and completes 10 reps, and so on until he reaches the original starting weight of 110kgs / 245lbs to complete the full 200 reps.

A monster chest workout – strong work Mike!

A notable mention has to go to CT Fletcher for his superb motivational support!


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